Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-03

  • This is the most beautiful website I have seen in a long time. (despite the Ché pic) Havana Bar #
  • RT @ballardsbrewery: VALENTINES SPECIAL
    Celebrate with 4 Ballards Ales. 10% discount before 14th Feb. Wassail, Best Bitter, Nyewood Gold… #
  • I liked a @YouTube video Lightroom 4 Beta: Develop Module Advancements #
  • RT @moltz: The next time your dentist asks why you don't floss, ask him why he's still using Windows XP. #
  • ENOUGH Foxconn factory makes iPods also makes Xbox, Wii, Kindle poor journalism 2 focus on 1 co. + its us that demand the goods #
  • My last tweet for the time being due to Twitter's new censorship policy #twitterblackout #

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